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Action Research is a well-established behavioral science model that supports the facilitation of change processes through:

  • Detailed planning with key leaders and members regarding the focus and processes of the assessment, including: who will be surveyed, what questions will be asked, and which formats will be used to gather information;
  • Data gathering utilizing interviews, informal focus groups, and questionnaires to elicit members’ input regarding the strengths and limitations of current organization procedures and practices;
  • Analysis of findings by the internal team with the guidance of the consultant to identify common themes, major inconsistencies and opportunities to build upon;
  • Action planning by the internal team to propose changes in policies, procedures and systems, based on the data, to assess the risk of making changes and to determine who will be instrumental in implementing the chosen action plan to ensure the long-term impact of the change initiative; and
  • Evaluation by the internal team and consultants to assess the effectiveness of the change process.