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Indiana University - Bloomington

In the Spring of 2016, Beth will return to Indiana University to teach a graduate course on Building Cross-Cultural Capacity for Multi-Sectoral Leadership, through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). We live in an ever complex and interconnected global environment. In our multi-sectoral and multi-cultural society, one of the cornerstones of effective leadership is the capacity to engage differences creatively and support the flourishing of followers. To truly understand cultural differences requires a willingness to move across a line, or boundary, which defines that difference. The starting point is increasing understanding of one’s own dimensions of difference, often a difficult and disorientating task as we rarely notice “the water in which we swim.”  Learners will examine their own histories and how these inform the lenses through which they approach cultural differences.  They will be exposed to a variety of conceptual models and practical communication skills, which will allow them to make meaning of and engage effectively across differences. Through review and discussion of articles of authorities in the field, they will gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of the diversity issues in the United States.