Hard Conversations E-Course 
Friday, September 11, 2015 at 10:50AM
Applegate Consulting Group

Beth was selected to serve a faculty for an online classroom developed by Patti Digh to support people being able to more productively engage conversations across race. 2800 people from around the  U.S. signed up to take the five week seminar blended learning course. Each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during this course, a new set of activities and inputs were open for learners in the online classroom. Four live seminars provided learners the opportunity to participate in a Live Seminar by phone or web in which we discuss our learning from the online classroom, hear from people directly, ask questions, and speak their truth as we see it. Over the four weeks we covered the following topics: Systemic Racism; White Privilege; The myth of Color Blindness; Implicit Bias, and Silent Racism; and Being an Effective White Ally.

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