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Organization Development
a Catalyst for Social Change

Applegate Consulting Group is an organization development (OD) practice that assists national and international nonprofit organizations, government agencies and socially responsible for-profit corporations with developing human and organizational capacity and building a more just and equitable society.


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Beth Applegate contributed to a recently published book
on cultural competency

Author: Patricia St Onge
Beth Applegate, Vicki Asakura, Monika K. Moss, Brigette Rouson, Alfredo Vergara-Lobo

Publication Date:
July 15, 2009
 ISBN: 978-0-940069-68-8
Publisher: Fieldstone Alliance
Pages: 272
Price: $29.95

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There is no such thing as a “how-to” manual on cultural competency. It’s an ongoing journey organizations choose to take because they know the end-result is a more inclusive, connected, and effective organization. This forthcoming book by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management collects the voices of many nonprofit leaders and capacity builders to help nonprofit organizations begin to understand the complexity within diverse communities.

Through a range of methods—literature review, personal interviews, peer dialogue, insights of contributing authors—readers get a mosaic of perspectives that surround cultural competency. Plus, the book presents the insights of authors who represent five major ethnic communities in the United States: Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, African American, White, and Latino. [Read Press Release]


Indiana University - Bloomington Campus

On March 3-4 2011 at the Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) Conference, Beth Applegate will present two sessions during the annual An Inclusive Conference of Identifies, presented by Attention, Reflection, Connection: Steps toward an Inclusive Campus. The goal of the conference is to build a culturally literate and inclusive community on the IUB campus: where all of its members can thrive and succeed, individually and collectively; where individuals have knowledge of, respect for, and the skills  necessary to interact with people from other cultures in domestic and international contexts.

The first session Beth will facilitate is entitled, The Critical Liberation of White Women and will take place in the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center (Bridgewater Lounge) on Friday March 4, 10:00am-Noon:

Too often white women do not effectively partner and build coalitions in their work to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression. The dynamics of Internalized Dominance and Internalized Subordination result in unnecessary competition and conflict ~ wasting energy that could be directed to creating Liberation and social justice. In this highly interactive session participants will explore the current behaviors and attitudes of white women that create barriers to synergistic collaboration and identify the components of a critical liberation practice where they intentionally create partnerships that consistently model the core elements of social justice that they espouse in their work. Facilitators will provide a tool to identify the components of a critical liberation practice for white women for participants to expand and build upon. 

The second session is entitled, Embracing Cultural Competency and will also take place on Friday March 4, from 3:00-4:30pm in the Neal Marshall Black Culture Center (Bridgewaters Lounge):

This highly interactive session starts with the assumption that participants have a range of personal and/or professional experiences, which involve working with issues of race, privilege, and power.  Based on the book: Embracing Cultural Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders, participants will have an opportunity to gain new insights into what it takes to be culturally competent and discuss provocative questions in a relaxed environment. The book presents the insights of authors who represent five major ethnic communities in the United States: Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, African American, White, and Latino.

Registration is free :


Kelley School of Business  

Beth Applegate was selected to facilitate a Kelley School of Business  Academic Advisor retreat at Indiana University. The purpose of the retreat was to create an engaging professional development experience.


Applegate Appointed Political and Civic Engangement Program 

Beth Applegate was selected to serve on the Political and Civic Engagement Program (PACE) Advisory Committee. PACE is an interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate program at Indiana University. It combines academic study with hands-on learning to provide students with an education in democratic citizenship. The PACE certificate prepares students to make a difference through active engagement in the creative conflict of American political and civic life. 


Applegate Publishes Article 

Beth Applegate publishes article in Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry entitled: Organization Development a Catalyst for Social Change.  The article is based on a framework for assessing and working with mental models utilizing the exploration of 'dominant' world views to increase individual and organizational competency to identify, assess and shift world views to foster social change. Applegate describes her methodology and results during the data collection, data analysis, data feedback, and intervention phase of a consultation with a client. She reviews literature on white privilege, mental models, power, and cultural competency. Applegate reflects on implications of the engagement for the client, herself and the discourse on the role of OD as a catalyst for social change. [Read Article].


Applegate Co-PublishesLearning Guide 

Beth Applegate and her outstanding network of sustainability thought leaders who created The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook  are proud to announce the launch of its companion online Learning Guide. The step-by-step activities in this innovative guide make it easy and exciting for educators to use The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook as a textbook. The book and learning guide are also designed to help leaders, managers, and practitioners in every sector of society, and in every industry, create a successful and sustainable enterprise by integrating people, planet, and profits to achieve triple-bottom-line results. Click links above for more information.

The Learning Guide is a wiki-based dynamic space that brings to life and expands on the nine chapters of The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook by providing additional cutting-edge practices, exercises, PowerPoint presentations, and cases designed to deepen learning and increase the ability of professors and teachers, leaders and teams to build a sustainable future. It is the newest of several online workspaces bridged to the book’s content. Click links above for more information.

The Learning Guidewiki is being rolled out in three phases structured around The Sustainability Pyramid described in the book. Released today are Part I: Introduction and Overview and Part II: Preparing the Foundation for a Sustainable Enterprise. They include activities and PowerPoint slides for Chapter I: Leadership for a sustainable enterprise, Chapter 2: Mental models for sustainability, and Chapter 3: Developing a sustainability strategy. Part III: Embracing and Managing Change Sustainability will be live December 2010. Part IV: Connecting, Integrating, and Aligning Toward the Future and Part V: When It All Comes Together will launch in January 2011.

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