"Watching Beth Applegate work is like watching an artist in motion. Beth is a master at facilitating difficult meetings with disparate and often contentious points of view. Beth's vision of what a healthy board structure should be is inspiring. Beth manages to convey a sense of humor, encouragement, and support in the midst of slogging through some of the most difficult issues. Our congregation is better for having Beth work with our leadership." Rabbi

 "As a client of Applegate Consulting Group for nearly three years, I have experienced firsthand Beth Applegate's strong facilitation and team building work. She has the extraordinary ability to create safe space for employees across departments and levels. My staff of 40 universally trusts and respects Beth. In her role as an executive coach, she has been an invaluable resource to me. With technical expertise in non-profit management combined with strong coaching skills and a passion for civil rights work, Beth has not only kept me from tearing my hair out but also helped me to see things differently, making clear and direct observations that have informed and enhanced my leadership abilities." Executive Director

"I was in your nonprofit management course last semester, and I wanted to let you know how invaluable your course was for me. I had never considered working in the nonprofit sector, but after learning about all of the different nonprofit opportunities in your class I knew I wanted to work in nonprofit management. Since graduating in May I have begun working as a manger at a local nonprofit in Bloomington and it's amazing. I honestly could not be any happier with my new career, and I can't imagine where I would be now if I hadn't taken your class. Thank you. Your passion for philanthropy and nonprofit business truly inspired me. I hope you're having another great semester!" Undergraduate Student

“Imagine a room of 180 Episcopal clergy engaged in conversations about their passions in ministry. Not being talked at by an expert, but drawing on each other’s expertise. Not forced to focus on one topic of someone else’s choosing, but on their own needs, hopes and dreams. Not even forced to stay in the room if they felt called to take quiet time by themselves or go watch the ball game. Not required to pick one group and stick with it but encouraged to go from group to group and share ideas across the topics. That is how the clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts spent their 2009 clergy conference. Under the skillful guidance of Beth Applegate, they came to appreciate the expertise and compassion of their peers and left the conference feeling better connected to each other. Open Space technology allowed us to explore our topic-Leadership in Hard Times in ways that no planning committee could have possibly imagined. We left the conference with a skill to try back home and feeling refreshed and invigorated about our vocation.” Rev. Canon

“In order to engage the sheer number of different types of personalities in the Presidential Management Program, Beth demonstrated a well-developed intention and open approach that puts the goal of the group before her own agenda. She was very able to read the needs of individuals while working with the whole and maintaining the integrity of both. Also a mark of a good facilitator/teacher.” Presidential Management Fellow

 "I had the privilege of learning from Beth during my graduate studies at American University. Having her as a graduate practicum advisor was an insightful and rewarding experience for me which is why I highly recommend her. Beth is an outstanding teacher who connects with students by relating concepts and theories to everyday situations. This helps students understand the application of theory to the workplace. In addition, Beth has a unique ability to balance guidance and challenge which enables her students to go deeper into the learning process. This skill is particularly useful in her role as a student advisor where she is not only imparts knowledge, but also encourages students to become critical thinkers. I have found Beth to be an effectiveve coach who shares ideas and encourages others to do the same. In every way she models the behavior and professionalism she expects from students." AU/NTL Graduate Student

"Beth Applegate is an innately talented and knowledgeable organization development professional. She provides strong, steady leadership and clarity of purpose, in combination with extraordinary people skills and great dedication. Beth is a person with integrity, passion and great commitment to her work with organizations and the individuals who serve them." Vice President

“In my twelve years experience as a nonprofit professional, I have rarely encountered someone with Beth Applegate’s range of skill in providing an organizational plan that closely fits with the heart of an organization. Her ability to assess the challenges of an organization in fulfilling their missions is rooted in her commitment to the roots or organizational and human development, which makes her a perfect match for social change organizations. In addition, her finely tuned facilitation skills are a match for any organizational conflict.” Deputy Director

 "Beth was my first choice for a Practicum Advisor, because her expertise and professionalism were immediately apparent to me. My instincts were right -- she was a superb advisor. Beth dedicated herself wholly to the students' success, providing counsel, affirmation, and reassurance to our anxious group of high performers and making herself available despite many other demands on her time. Beth is an experienced consultant with a strong understanding of OD theory and application and a deep, active commitment to social justice. She is a role model for me about how an OD practitioner walks in the world." AU/NTL Graduate Student


"Although I was nervous about the practicum from the beginning, Beth created an environment that reduced the anxiety considerably. Furthermore, while I continue to have a relationship with my practicum client, it is with Beth that I have developed a much richer learning, nurturing experience and resilient relationship. Beth's  integrity, honesty and support enabled me to push past my self-imposed limits and uncertainty. She also helped me cope with my reactions to stress, helping me pull myself out of my downward spiral. By challenging me intellectually to “be clear and commit” in my thinking and writing Beth helped me to ground and focus using solid theory and practice.I highly recommend Beth as a no-nonsense, challenging, caring, supportive, brilliant and centered Practicum Advisor who will help you use your best self. So much of what I learned from Beth directly influences my work in deed and in spirit." AU/NTL Graduate Student

“Beth Applegate led our organization through a very intense, difficult and revealing self-examination, in a very compressed time period. Her wisdom and experience forced all of us—board, executive director, and staff—to identify and come to grips with poor past practices and fundamental realities that threatened the organization’s existence, and set the stage for improvement at all levels of the organization. I honestly wonder whether anyone else could have led us through this process successfully. Fortunately, Beth did so and helped us see and implement a path toward stability and future growth. I am grateful.” Executive Director

“Beth is wonderful to work with. She was able to truly help craft a fruitful group discussion about race in the arts from an interesting idea. She dexterously facilitated a complex conversation that could easily have devolved into name-calling and hurt feelings but that instead has benefited all the participants and led to further communication and deeper understanding of acceptance and community. Throughout the process of developing the event, Beth has been clear, thoughtful, and in every respect a delight to work with. I look forward to having the opportunity again.” Customer Service Coordinator

"We brought Beth on to provide meeting facilitation and management coaching for our team of government and consulting scientists and engineers. Adding Beth to our team positively changed the dynamic of the group, allowing the technical and program folks to focus on content rather than process. She subtly and effectively guided the team through our days, instilling new patterns of interaction, and maintaining the focus on our stated goals.The result was an extremely productive three day session, a re-energized technical team, and a new model for program management. Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive regarding the event, which was largely attributed to Beth’s leadership. Our client shifted from questioning the value of such meetings to looking for opportunities to hold them more frequently (as long as Beth is available to facilitate)!" Regional Director

”I met Beth when I was working toward my Masters Degree at AU/NTL; she served as my practicum advisor. I admired her broad body of knowledge of Organization Development Theory, her skill at bringing the theory to life as  it related to real world issues, and her direct communication style, clear without being overly harsh or blunt.”AU/NTL Graduate Student

“With laser-like precision – and only in a matter of hours after being introduced to us - Beth Applegate was able to diagnosis dysfunctional team behavior that had prevented our staff from reaching our optimum potential. With firm but respectful guidance, she has helped us find solutions that enhance our team performance. We now fully understand what it means to be a learning organization.” Executive Director

“Beth has the wonderful ability to make even the most challenging senior management retreat reap dividends for all the participants. She made everyone feel comfortable raising the issues they needed to, and she held people accountable with a blend of firmness and humor. Individuals who agreed on little else thought Beth was amazing.” CEO

“As a Practicum Advisor, Beth was very clear in what was needed to complete each element of the practicum. She had high expectations for the work we did and was rigorous in holding us to the requirements. She communicated her availability to coach and could be counted on be on calls at agreed upon times. She also facilitated our small group learning and encouraged us to offer each other support and encouragement on our monthly calls. We all held ourselves to high standards, and, with kindness, Beth would accept nothing less than the best work of which each of us was capable.” AU/NTL Graduate Student

“It has been a privilege to work with Beth. She brings to her work a wonderful combination of directness and flexibility; candor and humor; deep knowledge of the organization development discipline and recognition of everyday office politics and realties. She has been an outstanding resource to staff in large group, teamwork and individual coaching, drawing on the knowledge she gains through all three, while always carefully protecting confidentiality and maintaining professionalism. At times she has really felt like a lifeline for staff, including me! I think what I appreciate most of all are Beth’s willingness to demonstrate her own fallibility by sharing her own ‘stuff’ and her fantastic sense of fun and play.” Vice President

“Beth’s deep knowledge of organizations and professional development make her a truly outstanding organization development practitioner and training designer. Beth was on faculty as a lead trainer for our three-day Presidential Management Fellows Orientation for the Office of Personnel Management. She is an exceptional trainer, with the ability to integrate practical information with personal impact. She is committed to participatory and experiential learning, and finds ways to bridge the gap between learning and action. Testimonials from her participants say it all: ‘great combo of energy, professionalism and expertise,’ ‘made sure everyone was heard,’ ‘instilled confidence,’ ‘kept the energy high and was so organized,’ ‘her enthusiasm was wonderful,’ ‘made special effort to read body language and to assess needs and interests,’ ‘kept us focused,’ ‘good energy,’ ‘fun,’ ‘awesome,’ ‘truly great!’” Program Analyst

“Beth Applegate has been a perfect solution to a host of challenges for our organization. Serving as our Acting Executive Director, she has been a splendid chief executive officer, a careful administrator, and an inspirational leader. She has evidenced great skill in dealing with a broad range of personnel and third-party relationship situations. Her integrity is beyond reproach. Her determination to make a positive difference is infectious. My great admiration for Beth is matched only by my profound gratitude to her.” Board Member

“Beth is a strong teacher. She challenged me to integrate theory and practice. She gave clear, constructive feedback that helped me improves as a scholar-practitioner and she helped me find ways to tap into my own knowledge and skill base. This ultimately benefited me and my practicum client.” AU/NTL Graduate Student


"We hired Beth to provide facilitation for 2012 business planning retreat. We wanted to not only work through a strategic process but delveinto some underlying issues that we hoped would improveve team coordination, communication and efficiency. Beth did an extremely thorough job in preparing for the retreat and taking the time to get to know our work, the staff and our history. The level of effort was apparent as she began to eloquently and compassionately help guide our team through important discussions. Her ability to be flexible and respond to the conversation, not only showed substantial awareness of the team's needs, but also reflected her gift as a facilitator. Not only did we meet our retreat goals but we each walked away with a deeper understanding of each other and how we function as a group. It would have been impossible to get to this depth of understanding without Beth's fantastic ability to guide us through the day."  International Executive Director

“Over the past three years I’vehad the pleasure of working with Beth on a variety of very difficult personnel and organizational structure issues. Her insights and experience, hard work and dedication, helped us successfully achieve our management objectives. In addition, Beth's work has been well received not only by myself but also by all of the people involved in the facilitation, team building and organizational development work she has done. Personally, I havelearned a great deal from Beth by watching how she works to confront and resolve difficult personnel and relationship issues. Because of this transfer of knowledge, Beth's work in essence continues on in our organization as we have been much more successful than we havebeen in the past in coordinating activities, creating a more cohesive workplace, and making team members more productive than they have ever been.” Agency Program Director

"Beth is a professional in every sense of the word. As my Practicum Advisor (PA), she was continually dedicated and committed to the process. The practicum experience is very exhaustiveve for both students and PAs, and I commend her ability to take on the additional responsibility along with balancing her clients and developing her business. Throughout the practicum, I experienced Beth as very organized, efficient, and straight forward and it reflected in our work together. She constantly modeled authenticity, sincerity, and continually challenged me to reach beyond my comfort level. By having Beth as my PA my practicum experience was seamless. Beth is truly committed to the development of her students and is an asset to the AU/NTL community." AU/NTL Graduate Student

“Beth Applegate is an outstanding leader, consultant and facilitator. Beth has the ability to efficiently pull a group together around common goals. She moves process forward, never leaving a participant behind. I find it rewarding that Ms. Applegate has made the career choice to share her wisdom, expertise and abilities with many nonprofits, rather than leading one – something she could do with excellence.” CEO

"In short, Beth is truly an incredible teacher with a lot of great insights, skills, and talents to offer. She challenged students beyond their comfort zone to think that multiple possibilities could be true. Beth modeled great use of self, and when it came to the students she worked with, Beth was dedicated to their success personally and professionally." Graduate Student AU/NTL

"In the three years of working with Beth failure has never been an option. Her steady hand and force of character has guided the members of the Grassroots Summit Leadership Team to fulfill our collective vision and meet the challenges of starting a national organization. Beth's professional prowess kept us focused and on task. At times, she was the light at the end of our tunnel." Executive Director

“Beth’s expertise in the area of executive coaching and group facilitation is unmatched. She has made a remarkable improvement in the way the Center’s management team works together. She has an incredible ability to motivate, inspire and focus a group while staying almost invisible her self…a credit to her extraordinary skill!” Chief Finance Officer

“One of things I loved most about Beth Applegate’s approach was that it was tailor-made to our needs. Beth spent a lot of time listening to us. What she came up with was a collaborative vision of what would work, not just what was ideal. She was willing to follow through with us until we were able to see the plan through. It felt like we had a coach who brought a lot of expertise and flexibility and that was exactly what we needed. I cannot recommend Beth and her work highly enough.” Program Director

“I have been particularly impressed with Beth’s facilitation skills. In a diverse group, engaging I often politically charged conversations and discussions, she is adept at assuring all voices are heard and various viewpoints respected. She is efficient without being directorial; she keeps the dialogue focused on the agenda without being overbearing. And she does it all with good grace and humor.” Executive Director

“Beth has created an environment where all staff can maximize their contributions and daily build upon their own leadership skills. She has helped us form the bedrock of our re-constructed organization, giving us the tools and infrastructure to maximize our impact upon urban and community forestry and build a sustainable foundation. The results of her leadership upon the organization are immeasurable.” Deputy Director

"Beth Applegate is a true professional with the ability to organize, mediate and facilitate in a seamless manner. Her preparatory work prior to the event made a difficult task seem easy and logical. To quote a participant’s evaluation at our roundtable discussion “I was very impressed with the facilitation throughout the process. The facilitator was excellent at controlling input from the audience, encouraging participation from most attendees and summarizing the conversations” Director

“Beth has been a great asset in facilitating meetings. It is a testament to her skill and talent that she can manage the personalities in a room full of forty leaders of national organizations, and actually get them all to pay attention and accomplish a common goal. She is remarkable as a guide because she demonstrates a keen understanding and interest in the journey being taken by those she is leading.” Executive Director

“Beth is one of the most effective meeting facilitators I have encountered. She is able to help diverse groups of people both challenge one another and focus on a common agenda as well. Beth brings the skills to help a group of people both build the trust and practice the direct, difficult communication, which is necessary to the creation of an effective team.” Program Director

“My association with Beth Applegate has been both personally enjoyable and professionally beneficial. Her keen insights into group dynamics and consensus building have proven to be exceedingly effective for meeting facilitation and team building. I would wholeheartedly recommend Applegate Consulting Group to any organization looking to improve performance at all levels.” President and CEO

"Beth Applegate is truly a master of facilitation. Her ability to understand complex issues alongside interpersonal dynamics at play is second to none.This excellent skill, coupled with her gentle tenacity in working with all involved to ensure that everyone is heard, goals are clear, and the process is exactly right, makes her the best there is. I am so grateful for her contributions to my organization and will always call on Beth for any facilitation needs." Executive Director

“Beth is able to bring order to chaos. Planning a conference with a team of far-flung volunteers from across the country is a real challenge. Beth helped us to build a team identity, make timely decisions and stay on track with our assignments. With her guidance, we were able to construct our responsibilities so that every team member had a clearly defined assignment and was held accountable. I don’t think we could have had such a good even without Beth’s guidance.” Executive Director

“During my first year as a department director at a rapidly growing nonprofit organization, Beth Applegate provided coaching to me that clarified my strengths and responsibilities within a changing structure. She deftly honed in on organizational issues that were impacting my work and helped me improve my performance and better understand the needs of the organization. Our team of senior managers relied on Beth’s guidance in planning and implementing programs and her skill in facilitating strategy sessions. Her tenure with our organization left us stronger and more focused in our work.” Deputy Director

“Ms Applegate has a flair for working with groups to help them clarify their own future. She has been very useful to us in a complicated institutional setting as we worked through a sticky process of establishing a mission and setting clear and appropriate goals. She has a strong yet delicate touch in helping us navigate the shoals of group dynamics.” Agency Director

“In my work with Beth Applegate, I have found her to be a highly talented facilitator in the area of team building and organizational development. Beth excels in resolving issues before they become conflicts and in helping groups to stay focused on their task to work more effectively as a team.” Vice President

“Over the three years I have worked with Beth I have been impressed by her ability to “process” large groups with very diverse interests and backgrounds. Her meeting management and facilitation skills and her ability to work with people has kept us on track, and focused, and accomplished. The organizations that I work with are working together better, with more maturity, and a stronger sense of direction – all as a result of Beth Applegate’s services. Thank you!” Regional Manager

“Our organization and USDA Forest Service have partnered to utilize the services of Applegate Consulting Group during the past four years, and continue to do so. Ms. Applegate has personally facilitated complex agendas among diverse parties. Attendees have roundly applauded her knowledge and effort during Grassroots Summit activities. She is a superb organizer, keeps parties on track, on target, on time, and will go the extra mile to achieve the desired outcomes. Innovative and personable, I would unhesitatingly seek her assistance regardless of perceived complexity or difficulty in resolving issues and problems. She makes positive things happen!” Executive Director

"Beth Applegate'sprofessionalism and range of skills were invaluable to our organization. She played a key role in coaching our executive director and his management team; helped us to design and execute a staff driven process to operationalize our strategic goals; guided our work in board development; and even trained senior staff on how to do training!" Development Director

“Early on I witnessed Beth taking over a facilitated consensus-building and strategizing session of near-mutinous state council representatives, calmly bring them back to a rational state, and proceeding to discuss and list common mission and needs. As our group has matured and grown, Beth has remained at the forefront in developing an accountable board, a realistic yet challenging agenda, and an exciting conference that exceeded expectations in participation and team building. Without reserveve I would recommend Applegate Consulting Group.” Executive Director

“Beth Applegate brings years of experience and expertise by which progressive causes can benefit. Beth becomes one with your organization – truly committed to your mission and purpose. She is a master at building consensus and at guiding an organization through the strategic planning process to make vision reality. She leaves you with a blueprint for achieving your plan’s goals that far exceeds expectations.” Deputy Director

“I have had the good fortune of working with Beth Applegate both as a strategic planning consultant and as the chair of the board of directors on which I served. She possesses an extraordinary ability to guide others through the planning process in a manner that energizes and engages all involved. The end product proved to be a valuable tool that truly helped shape the work of the organization. Likewise, Beth’s leadership abilities are exceptional. She leads with clarity and wisdom, always communicating and commanding respect.” Board Chair

“During the past year, Beth Applegate has used her incomparable team building skills to empower our board of directors to move from unsure direction and conflict to strategic planning and board reconstruction. It has been am amazing, productive and rewarding experience. Others had tried but failed. Beth’s manner and expertise gave us the courage to succeed.” Board Chair

“Beth is an exceptional facilitator. She adds real value in every step of the process. Beth does a terrific job of identifying potential issues before they arise, and provides excellent suggestions for getting the most out of the time the group is investing in the process. She keeps both management and the participants honest and on track. Beth’s involvement ensured that a meeting with produce actionable results.” Board Chair

“Applegate Consulting Group was instrumental in assisting our organization during a leadership transition and building our first strategic plan. Beth guided us through the entire process with a firm hand and a persuasive touch. Beth made certain that the planning process produced a document with actionable steps as well as built-in follow-up so that the effort would delivery measurable results, not just hopes and dreams. I have been very impressed with Beth’s contributions in all areas and I have already recommended her to other agencies.” Systems Analyst

“From our first meeting ten years ago, I have been grateful for Beth Applegate’s willingness to share her talent, wisdom and vast knowledge of topics from corporate organization development to grassroots political organizing. I learned a great deal working with Beth, and I know that her diverse client organizations nationwide are healthier and stronger thanks to her guidance. Beth is a natural and unaffected leader who has the skills to transcend differences and build coalitions. She has a wonderful and rare ability to impart her strength and grace to a process or group and help it to become stronger, healthier and more productive than before.” Vice President

“Beth Applegate skillfully and consistently built consensus among a group of organizational leaders with diverse and sometimes conflicting concerns. Beth’s fine balance of leadership qualities – integrity, fairness and humility – coupled wit her strong knowledge of and appreciation for each group member’s perspective strengthened the coalition and focused our energy. Perhaps most importantly, Beth’s professional, even-handed approach to meeting facilitation earned her great respect and trust among group members.” President and CEO