Vision & Values

ACG believes a strong consultant-client partnership is essential in order to solve complex organizational problems and facilitate the realization of individual and system-wide potential. This involves utilizing a variety of well-established applied behavioral science approaches to the management of positive change. The overarching goal of ACG is to optimize results, while focusing on the client’s ownobjectives and aspirations for its organization. ACG ultimately strives to facilitate continuous learning and self-empowerment to enable the entire client system to acquire the confidence and competence it will need to manage - on its own - similar and even greater challenges in the future.

ACG is mission-driven. We work with organizations that share our core principles and commitment to social responsibility and justice. With each client, our commitment is not to an individual person or group within an organization, but rather to the organization as a whole and to enabling the fulfillment of its mission. This means that both ACG and the organization must be clear about the mi ssion and prepared to embrace the fullness of this two-way commitment based on a strong and ever-growing foundation of respect and trust.

Applegate Consulting Group adheres to the Ethical Guidelines for OD Professionals as developed by the Organization Development Institute ( . All who work with ACG commit to supporting and acting in accordance with the attached ethical guidelines, or the comparable ethical guidelines for their profession.